Free Easter Printable

Spring has played a most awful trick on us, as we came out to frosty windows and snow-covered grass this morning.  But…the show must go on, so we shall be freezing our heinies off at the Detroit Tigers game tonight – our first one ever as a family – and will be hoping with everything […]


Introducing Simply Bloom Swag

I’ve been a busy girl, you guys! …designing…metal stamping…mod podging labels…threading beads and adhering baubles…sniffing scents…singing thrifted satin…packaging cards…and filling happy yellow mugs with chocolates and tea bags. If you follow me on Facebook or instagram, you know I’ve been creating loads of goodies to sell at a merchandise table when I speak.  Swag, shall […]


April Desktop Wallpaper

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome” ~ Anne Bradstreet Simply click on the calendar size you need below, save the image, then set as your desktop wallpaper: For large {1680 x 1050 pixels}, click here […]


Hello Spring {Free Printable}

It’s official.  Spring will be coming to Michigan this side of sometime. And there is much rejoicing in our household over this rock solid fact.  Kids here and there have been flinging off their winter boots in favor of too-tiny flip flips, ripping out bathing suits and entering ice-crusted puddles with nothing more than pajama […]


You Are Awesome : Free Printables

Today – just because you’re awesome, and I’m awesome, and…well, in the words of lovable little yellow people, “everything is awesome” – you can get your hands on THREE fabulously fresh printables. Actually, I’m an awkwardly transparent, tea-chugging, font-loving dork. But that’s what makes me awesome, I suppose. Choose from: Turquoise 8×10 print Coral 8×10 […]


March Desktop Wallpaper {and a subtle announcement}

I opened my laptop last night, after getting my kidlets settled into their respective beds, to write. Just write. Not edit.  Not criticize.  Not overanalyze every.single.word I type. Not sigh and slam close my laptop feeling discouraged and defeated.  Just write.  And drink lots of tea.  This always helps. I tend to be an overanalyzing […]


Life is Beautiful {Printable}

Oh, you guys!  I’m just so stinkin’ excited about life right now. You know when that stuff that makes your heart leap and your lips curve up and your eyes sparkle – that dreamy stuff that has bubbled just beneath the surface – which, I think is God’s way of preparing our hearts  – starts […]


Be Still My Heart

Here’s a sneak peek from last week’s Daddy Daughter Dance.  Be still my heart. {Happy Valentine’s Day}


Proverbs 31:25 {Printable}

I realize this post is painfully void of glitter and hearts, but I’m moving on, folks. Sure, there’ll be beet-hued, heart-shaped pancakes in the morning, buried under a mound of ripe strawberries – because I’m not getting out of a valentine’s day brouhaha that easily – but I’m forging into full Spring mode, with or […]


“Mother”: A Sweetly Delusional Song about Motherhood

Yo!  Life ain’t ho-hum When you spend your days as “mum” Just wipe that tiny bum While Sally sucks her thumb Hollah!   Okay, so maybe dropping the beat isn’t exactly in my talent department.  Or remotely in the same zip code. I am an excellent bum wiper, though.  They like the way I work […]


February Desktop Wallpaper

One of my absolute favorite things about my husband is that he not only tolerates my quirky, tea-chugging, creatively-scattered, easily-delighted self…but he celebrates all that makes me different.  He makes me tea every day, without being asked…because he knows it makes me smile.  Okay, function. He fills my pellet stove at 1 in the morning, […]


All You Need Is Love {Free Printable}

That squishy hallmark holiday is just around the corner and while I’m not quite ready to break out the pink heart garland, or adorn my life with red glitter {just yet}, I do confess I have a hankering for something other than Winter/Christmas/White or anything that even remotely represents “cold”. And while Valentine’s day – […]


Michigan Nail & String Art {and the Dresser Reveal}

Well, she’s up, sweet people.  The mitten nail and string art I documented on instagram over the weekend is finally complete and is presently adorning my studio wall. And may I just say…as nervous as I was to take this hammer-intensive project on…I nailed it. See what I did there?  Humor me and offer up […]


Come, Let Us Have Some Tea {Printable}

While snowmageddon appears to have passed, we’re still freezing our little heinies off up here in the Midwest.  Our remedy in the McMuffin household is to throw some more logs onto the fire, huddle a little closer, and pour ourselves another cup of tea. It’s called survival.  It also happens to be called liquid awesome. […]


{Delicious} Raw Fudge Brownies

We may not have seen each other since we were 15, and we may literally live 8290 miles apart, but a mutual love of healthy treats has quickly reconnected an old childhood friend and I. Cacao is just that powerful, friends. She introduced me to this fantastic blog, My Rawsome Vegan Life, and while I […]


Toilet Paper Roll Mirror & Wall Art

I’ve been pinning toilet paper roll projects for months now because, let’s face it…the thought of making something this gorgeous out of bathroom garbage makes our little hearts go pitter-patter, it’s the ultimate rags to riches craft story…but can I just be totally honest for a moment?  The idea of saving rolls for months on […]


January 2014 Desktop Wallpaper

We’re just days away from a brand spankin’ new year, friends, and it’s good to be alive! And warm. It’s been über chilly up in these parts – a record high, I hear – and the snow and ice have been relentless in their coating of branches, roofs and small creatures who care not for […]


Cute Christmas Gifts for Classmates

Remember the cute Merry & Bright goodies from last Christmas?  Well, we have another fun classmate gift idea and printable for you! I had seen these as valentine gifts on Pinterest a while ago, made with a little heart crayon, and then ran into adorable silicon snowflake molds at Meijer a few weeks ago.  Considering […]


The Comparison Game {and Why it’s So Overrated}

I spent most of my adolescent years aching to be someone else.  Any body else. And while I can say that I’ve finally learned to embrace the quirky, awkwardly transparent, people-loving introvert I’ve grown into, I still occasionally stumble into that place of longing for the ability to behave or perform or create like another. […]


{Oh, Holy} Christmas Printable

It is undeniably Winter in these parts; the days seem to be getting shorter and chillier by the minute, and the Christmas spirit is in full swing – although if we made that assessment based on when glittered holiday décor hit craft stores, we’d declare this in September. With the windows tightly closed and the […]


20 Wise Marriage Tips {from a Divorcee}

In the same way we don’t tend to take dieting advice from someone who’s clearly overweight, or business pointers from a company that’s just filed for bankruptcy, we don’t tend to put much stock into marital advice from someone who’s no longer married.  It makes sense, right?  Well, not always. My mom forwarded this to […]


Pumpkin Scones & Thanksgiving Tag Printable

When my hubby called a couple of days ago to say he was on his way home…and was in the mood to bake something yummy {and he was not referring to a baby}…I did what any sugar-lovin’ smart girl would do.  I hit Pinterest in search of something that would fill my house and mouth […]


Give Thanks {Free Thanksgiving Printable}

I was so tickled to share our little “Mudway Makeover” with you this week, and as promised, here she is… Get your 8×10 Thanksgiving printable by clicking right here. *As always, please note that this is exclusively for personal use and is NOT to be reprinted for resale purposes.  Feel free to share the link, […]


The Mudway Makeover

We rarely use our front door.  In fact, there is usually something large and obnoxious right in front of the door in the ‘formal’ entrance cove which makes it impossible to open.  Like my keyboard…the acoustics in that little nook are spectacular! The most used entrances to our house are through our back deck door […]


Happy Hallo-Fabulous!

We went to our first Fall picnic with the other families from my hubby’s post last week.  But due to inevitable marital communication discrepancies, I found out just days before that this was in fact a Halloween party.  With children donning costumes. You’ve never seen a woman hit the shelves of craft stores with such […]