Cake Pops for Africa

I heart Africa, it’s no surprise.


It’s been almost 5 years since I was ‘home’.

So until we can return, as a family {with children old enough to endure appreciate the journey over the ocean}, to touch her soil and kiss her people, we will live vicariously through my baby sister who has just landed in Kenya, will be working her way onto Botswana, and will end her 2 month trip in South Africa. 

2 months on African soil.  Woah nelly.

So I made cake pops to process through my jealousy.

cake pops for africa

Not really. 

See that little green Africa shape piped onto the pretty blue globe above?

I made these for a fundraiser we hosted to buy sewing machines for young women in Kitale {where my sister will be volunteering} who have been sold into prostitution by their parents.  Sewing machines will provide a way for these women to support themselves and their families and break free from the horrific trade they’ve been sold into.

And so, cake pops for Africa.  Literally.

crumble cakechocolate balls

chocolate popsafrica pops

I’m so proud of her!  But I cannot figure out how she grew up so fast…I’m sure she was just wearing diapers and sporting 15 little pigtails in her snowy white hair, like yesterday.  How did you hit 21 already?

{You can follow her travels right here!}