Fun School Printables

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We’re headed into our fourth week of school for our little lass and I must admit, apart from getting to spend precious time alone with my sweet Bug, one of my favorite parts of her being in preschool is getting to pack her lunch.

I love it!

Because I’m easy to please like that.

And because I love punching cheese into little shapes and spreading nutella {drool!} on her sandwiches for a yummy change, and leaving little love notes in the side pocket.  And watching her excitement when she discovers she gets to have a juice-box that day makes me feel less like the juice Nazi I am.

It’s as though I get to love on her, indirectly, through her lunch box.  And it delights my heart that it delights hers.

So I thought I’d share some little Lunchbox Love Notes with you too!

You’re welcome.  Any time, really!

Simply click on the link above or the image below, save it to your computer, print and slice!

B2S Printable  Morning routine printable

I also realize how hugely having a consistent routine can help our little ones have a successful start to their day, so we came up with a Happy morning routine {that you can glue a picture of your little one’s face to}.  This helps instill personal responsibility and empowers them to tackle the necessary tasks of the morning that they can do for themselves (or with a little assistance).  The heart column on the right simply represents a ‘connecting time’, so it’s flexible!  Be it prayer/scripture, reading a book, or just have a heart to heart chat over a mug of warm milk before they head off to school, it’s a vital part of their before-school routine.

Save and print this baby, and then they could use magnets to ‘check off’ what they’ve done, if it’s on your fridge.  Or laminate it and use removable stickers or dry-erase markers.  Or just get inspired to create your very own. 


I’m off to pack a little lunch and fill it with momma love.