Chaos Simplified Women’s {Life} Planners

Well, ladies, the wait is over.

The Chaos Simplified Women’s {Life} Planners are printed and ready to be shipped out!  Despite numerous setbacks in the printing process, sweet Corri has buckled down and pressed on to grab ahold of her dream of making the hippest, most practical & efficient life planner on earth.

And here they are!

CS Planners

This year, there are THREE cover options (mod lemon, coconut kiss & raspberry sky) for the week-by-week planner, along with a kick-butt trifold cover that holds the planner and a collection of spiffy notepads {including monthly meal-planning, a shopping lists, the day’s most important tasks, and more!}.

The trifold comes in two spectacular designs: Seamist & Limeade.

**You can purchase your planner, or the whole kit-and-kaboodle, here at Chaos Simplified…and use the code SB25 to get 25% off!

{While these planners are the well-loved ‘baby’ of a friend of mine, I’ve been delighted to walk alongside her on this journey for the past two years, and handle the graphics end of this dream.  Getting to see these designs in the flesh – they arrived on Friday! – thrills me to bits!}